In free fall I inhabit digital uncertainty.

I am interested in human behavior, their desires and misunderstandings.

Between a critical and poetic vision I feel part of the contradictions of the contemporary crowd, between technological refinement and moral stupidity in compressed attention spans.

I am inspired by science fiction, utopia and dystopia, but I am also sensitive to the present. In that same way I oscillate between different work formats, from the performance to the installation, from the video to the sound piece and from the object to the archive. I try to use technology as a tool, knowing that it expreses social, political and economic conditions in the contemporary world. I mix digital and analog techniques combined with everyday objects.

Sound and radio are recurring elements in my artistic research but my language is audiovisual and technology is my tool.



  • 29/09/2020
    Garden of DEL(igh)ETE”, at Virtual Festival Headquarters, Vienna design Week
  • 13/09 /2020
    QUINTESSENCE DOME – Ars Electronica Solar Orchard Garden, Espronceda.
  • 14/08/2020  to 13/09/2020
    Residence at QUINTESSENCE DOME LAB, Espronceda Institute of Arts and Culture.
  • 31/07 /2020
    “Where there once Walls” by Rake Community. Online exhibition.
  • 17/07 /2020
    «Unbounded, Unleashed, Unforgiving», Haimney Gallery.
  • 31/05 to 31/07
    Collaborative research by Rake Community.
  • 04/03/2020
    Formas de compresión de mi memoria”Colectiva_n1″ Piramidón, centre de arte contemperan,
  • 22/02/2020
    “Capsula del empoderamiento” Mostra de creacionismos sonora, Fundación Miró, Barcelona.
  • 30/12/2019
    Radiorator performance, Carranza home Gallery en el Marco de Art Weekend, Córdoba.
  • 21/11/2019 Radiorator performance, Decoder, 220 Cultura Contemporánea, Córdoba.
  • Radiorator en Reshape exhibition 19 Barcelona.
    «Radiorator» 3rd prize at “smart Object” Category.
  • 10_11/2019
    Residencia en “Tsonami” Arte sonoro.
    Mochila para escuchar el espacio en B.A.S.E Base de artes sonoras y experimentales, Valparaiso, Chile.
  • 09/2019
    “Radiorator, performance sonora” en Millesuoni, Milán.
  • 05/2019
    “RAM” Colectivo de Studio P52.
  • 04/2019
    @venus_ok, Atípico, Eightsquare, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 02/2019
    Espacio intermedio entre el cosmos y el caos, “Enaltes” Happening, Haimney Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 01/2019
    Templo virtual, Atípico, Eightsquare, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 11 / 2018
    Marea de Mar, Corretger 5, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 10 / 2018
    OpenSunSource, “El gusto es nuestro”, Chiquita Galería, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 09 / 2018
    Techno Cutup, Virtual Primitivism, Bergamo, Italy.
  • 08 / 2018
    Sillón para escuchar el espacio, 220CC, Córdoba, Argentina.
  • 06 / 2018
    Radiotelescope Suit, Sonar 2017, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 05 / 2018
    See the lights, IAAC, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 05 / 2018
    Crystal Radio, Hack in the Nature, Valldaura, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 04 / 2018
    Liquid Show, Pink Rhino, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 03 / 2018
    Virtual Feed, IAAC, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 03 / 2018
    Devolution, Interactive Gastronomy, Corretger 5, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 02 / 2018
    Playball, LLUM Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2016
    Relativo, Museo Genaro Pérez, Córdoba, Argentina.
  • 2015
    Relativo, La estrategia del caracol, Córdoba, Argentina.