Starting from the assumption that all living and non-living things have some form of energy and electricity, our proposal is to make it visible and tangible by connecting a experimental visuals built for dome experience with biofeedback input that will translate our vision in an attempt to transcend our perception, reflecting the beauty of the (micro)cosmos  and adding it’s physical (dis)order.


In a poetic almost abstract act, we are going to listen, feel, see the aura,  our consciousness, feel the frequency in which we vibrate and offer an audio visual Dome story, of simple “balms for sore souls”.


Humans conduct biofeedback naturally all the time, at varied levels of consciousness and intentionality. Every human being is a microcosmos within himself. It is a universe of cells, each with its own individual intelligence. The health of our cells depends on the vibrations it receives from us in the form of thoughts, emotions and feelings.


It is understandable that the body is a complex waveform, and that it is the sum of many smaller waves or vibrations, which originally began with a frequency so in balance that it unleashed everything that we believe to be, even if it is inconsistent within a virtual consistency.


The sound will be the result of the sourced bio data from skin conductance sensors.

The video will be an exercise of imagination of what our electrical bodies touch, image wise in other words if each one of us could emanate a visible field what would that be like?