Sound Drifts

Sound Drift is a project inspired by the situationism, but adapted to the sound field.

Sound drifts consist of a sound archive of recordings that were never intended to be recorded.

They arise from an exercise of extended listening by the recorder without a specific purpose, which allowed me to open myself to the spectacle of the cities I inhabit.

This is my way of renewing the urban experience through sound.

Through a sound drift.

Take a walk, without a specific goal.

Take a sound, without a specific objective.

Usually in a city, which follows the call of the moment.

Thus, instead of being prisoners of a daily routine of listening, it is proposed to follow the emotions of extended listening and to look at urban situations in a new way.

“The concept of drift is inextricably linked to the recognition of psychogeographic effects and to the affirmation of a playful-constructive behavior that opposes it in all aspects to the notions

classic travel and walking … get carried away by the solicitations of the land and the meetings that

He corresponds. the random part is less decisive than you think: from the point of

Given the drift, there is a psychogeographic relief in the cities, with constant currents,

fixed points and whirlpools that make it difficult to access or exit certain areas.

But drift, in its unitary character, understands that letting go and its contradiction

necessary: ​​mastery of psychogeographic variables through knowledge and calculation of

possibilities… ” Guy Debord Drift Theory (1958)

This sound drift opens the possibility of interpreting a scheme of implicit articulations of psychogeographs of a city. 

Listen the archive “Sound Drifts” Here