Scroll is an act of pleasure is a declaration of a contemporary state of being, of the intra-screen subject.

“We live in a time of circulating meat, fractal meat and

ghost meat. A time of extreme loneliness and experience

alienated. Of bodies acting from spaces

remote, with split physiologies and agencies

multiple, and where these bodies are at the same time

agents and owned by other agents. Without being one or the

another without being entirely here or there … only present in

part and almost always absent. The body is experienced

today more as an open system than as

a closed structure. These bodies are not suitable,

are empty, jerky and oblivious to your

own will. We live in an era of excess and indifference,

prosthetics and augmented operating systems.

An era of disembodied organs, of organs waiting

bodies. ”

The Corpse, the Comatose, and the Chimera, Stelarc, 1997.